We are proud to announce that a new apartment project in Meerhof (Pirita tee 20) has been done!

Interior Design: Marje Luhalaid/marje@luxor.ee
Furniture: Luxor Mööblisalong
Curtains: Kardinastuudio
Kitchen: Idema Köögid

Luxor Mööblisalong does full service interior design!
For more information: nele@luxor.ee


New Luxor Furniture model apartment A21 is now for SALE!

Two bedroom apartment is looking for a new owner. The apartment is fully furnished and has a beautiful view to the sea and old town.

Interior design: Marje Luhalaid/ marje@luxor.ee

The project has been done in collaboration with Andi mööblikoda www.andimoobel.eening Kardinastuudio www.kardinastuudio.ee

Apartment price: 225 000€

(price includes: curtains and kitchen furniture)

The apartment is for sale with all the furniture! The price for all the furniture in the apartment is 37 000€, which will be made -20% discount.

(-20% price for the whole furniture is 29 600€).

Location: Pirita tee 20a


If you would like to get more information, please write to nele@luxor.ee